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**Edit: at this time we are taking ambassador requests through DM on our Instagram page (@shopmauloaswim). Please reach out to us there instead!

Ambassador perks include:

  • a 40% off lifetime discount to get whatever suits you’d like from our store
  • a personalized 15% off code that your followers can use! From each sale using this code you’ll also make 15% commission paid via PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp!
  • A free bikini of your choice every time your code has been used 5 times!
  • Frequent additional exclusive ambassador offers and discounts! 💸
  • Photos posted tagging @shopmauloaswim reposted to our page as a #MauLoaBabe! 💓




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#MauLoaBabe Tips for success!

Need help making sales? We've got you covered! Follow the tips below to maximize your code's usage and earn those free suits!

1. Promote your code!
The best way to make sales is to distribute your code as much as possible! Include it in your captions on feed posts as well as story ones! Girls with their personalized @shopmauloaswim code in their bio also tend to make more sales! Another great way that's often over looked is spreading your code to friends directly. Telling friends personally to use your code significantly improves the likelihood that they will! Plus, what beats complimenting suits with your besties! ♡
2. Take pictures in even lighting.
Having good lighting is one of the most important parts of a picture! Even lighting can add a professional and clean touch to any image. Look at the examples below as a comparison!
3. Use hashtags and location tag.
These are great ways to increase exposure on instagram! Adding hashtags and a location tag allows a larger audience to see your post, engage, and even follow you! When using hashtags make sure to use ones with under 700K posts in then in order to increase your chances of ranking. When you type out the hashtag instagram will show you the number of other posts in the hashtag. Using tags with between 50k and 700k works best!
4. Showcase good vibes!
Have fun with the pictures! A cute background adds a lot to a photo, which can help improve how much your followers will look at the post! We recommend using a pool or beach as the location to take Mau Loa Swim pictures seeing as they showcase the best tropical vibes! Using a good filter can also help to make water clearer, sand whiter, and greens more vibrant! If you ever want help filtering Mau Loa Swim has tropical presets we use on all our photos! Feel free to DM us any pictures of/in Mau Loa products and we can filter them for you! Check out the example of a before and after filtered picture below!
5. Post often.
Remind followers and friends of your code! Posting frequently to your story and feed resharing your code will allow everyone who follows you (and those who see your post via hashtags/location tag!) to be reminded of it and give them another opportunity to check out to buy a suit!
6. Reply to comments.
Replying to the people who comment complimenting you, asking questions, or even just leaving emoji's will not only increase your posts engagement, but it also gives your followers a way to connect with you! Creating a connection with your followers increases the likely hood that they will become "true fans" of you and therefor increase the likely hood that they'll use your code!
Thanks for reading! Now go implement these tips and start increasing your sales babe!
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